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Starrk Moon Kayaks carries kayaks from FeelFree, Pyranha, Venture Kayaks and P&H Sea Kayaks.

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Based out of the beautiful mountainous region of North Carolina, Feelfree US, LLC is more than just a company offering the most innovative kayaks and accessories on the market today. They are a close knit team of paddlers, anglers and outdoors people with over 50 years of combined industry experience working hard to deliver an outdoor experience like no other. Whether you paddle the farthest reaches of our big blue oceans or enjoy a slow paddle down a lazy river, you can rest assured that we’ve been there too. Add that real-world knowledge to their world class development team, their attention to customer feedback and intense market research and the result is what they refer to as the Feelfree outdoor experience.

After over 40 years of research and development, award winning designs, world-class expeditions, supporting top class boaters and expanding to become Europe's leading specialist manufacturer of canoes and kayaks, Pyranha still designs and builds all of their boats in Britain. They do not know where our kayaks will be paddled so they are all built to the same high standard – to be pushed to the limit by our world class team of paddlers on the world's toughest rivers in the Himalayas, Rockies and Andes.

The folsk at Venture are paddlers like you, with just one aim, to make canoes and kayaks that have the best combination of performance, comfort and quality so you can have the best days ever on the water and enjoy the wonderful rivers, coastlines and waterways around the world time and time again.

P&H Custom Sea Kayaks have been making world class kayaks for over 40 years, in that time we have consistently pushed the boundaries of Sea kayak design and innovation at the same time as ensuring the highest quality standards are kept too. All composite P&H Sea kayaks are designed and hand made in the UK by a team of skilled craftspeople. Our PE kayaks are manufactured using industry leading rotomoulding technologies. This allows us to offer bespoke customisation on all composite kayaks, keep the tightest quality control measures and offer the highest standard of customer service.